Wednesday, 14 September 2011


This blog will document the progress of my A2 Portfolio. My task is to plan and make a short film in any genre I choose. I will need to learn about the technical elements of film and how to write about film techniques before I can begin my own project. This blog will show my research and planning and the development of my film from storyboard through to the final product. Last year I got a C for AS media and I'm hoping to improve that grade this year. I have never made a film before so this will be a new challenge. I am working with Ben Barsdley BAll as me and him both had similar ideas for the film. we both have the same roles in the group and work together on all the tasks so we can apply both of our ideas to it.

Our target audience will consist off 16-30 year olds and is not focused on one gender but because of its scary nature it is not suitable for anoyone under 16. Below is an image of our target aufdnce.

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