Saturday, 26 November 2011

Film poster

This is an image of my film poster portraying how and where it would be advertised. The billboard it is placed on will have a lot of young people passing it so it will attract a lot of attention. the poster would also be placed in places young people frequent such as clubs , cinemas shopping centres and gyms/sports centres.

Friday, 25 November 2011

This is a mood board which i gained inspiration from. It contains a variety of films such as Insidous and various other films which are relevant in the genre of the film i was going to create and allowed me to gain an insight into the conventions and techniques used in horror posters such as shadows and stuff that adds mystery to the poster and signifies horror. Our movie uses these conventions in the poster to get people interested in the idea of the film.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Prop list

Below is a list of props we decided we would use in our films and its also includes a picture of a location type we would like to use in out film. please note these are not the actual props we used and are merely inspirations and ideas.
An axe
The axe is a key prop used in our film as it is relevant with the horro genre and is genrelally used to instill fear.
A picture of an ideal location to shoot our film. This is one of the main conventions of the horror genre as it represents a location which is scary and is unknown so the audience will not know what to expect.

fake blood

The fake blood is used to signify horro and gore which are key convnetions of scary films.
The mask is key to the plot as not only is it a key signifier of the horror genre but it also part of the plot twist and is significant in higligting the story to the audience.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Rough poster sketch

This is the rough sketch of our film poster. The poster is designed to introduce the audience to the concept of the house and the characters and has connotations of horror. Although the poster is a rough sketch it still includes the conventions of a our film and the horror genre such as an abandoned house which is generally associated with horror and scary things. Our finished film poster took on a different style but it still is similar in the conventions used.

Monday, 14 November 2011

the insane shot analysis

The Insane Six Shot Analysis

This six shot analysis was a way of strengthening my understanding of media codes and conventions and what role they play in todays media. The insane was a very effective film in highlighting the conventions of horror films and is very similar to my own film as it features a plot twist at the end and also a variety of conventions such as masks weapons and abandoned locations.the film uses a variety of editing techniques as well to acheive tis plot twist and story so it was a key influence when creating our film.

About a girl shot analysis

About a Girl Shot Analysis

The analysis form about a girl was a way of helping me to understand the codes and conventions of certain types of short film. The analysis benefited me as it allowed me to understand the codes and conventions of short films and also to see how certain demographics of people were represented in short films such as young people and poor people.

Media treatment

There Are Three Main Characters in Our Short Film

After reviewing the pitch presentation and feedback from the treatment we made a number of changes to our media product to allow it to stay part of the horror genre and to appeal to the target audience successively. One of the major pieces of feedback and critisicsm we received focused on the plot of the film near the end as it appeared quite confusing about what actually happened. to counter this we edited the film so that the ending was clear and defined so the audicne could grasp the concept of the story and would not be confused.

Media film poster analysis 2

Jack Moyniha1

This is the second analysis of a media film poster and it focuses on higlihting the codes and conventions of a horror poster as my film is of the horror genre. the analysis gave em an understanding of the design of horror posters and the hidden meanings they can portray. the colours and pictures gave me inspiration in the design of my film poster.

Film poster analysis 1

Document 1 Film Poster

Friday, 11 November 2011

Genre and media language essay

Discuss the Short Film the Insane in Relation to the Key Concepts of Media Language and Genre

This essay allowed us to look at the genre and media language effectively and the feedback from the essay allowed us to improve our understanding. i was asked to write this essay to deepn my knowledge on the conventions and codes of a short film. i recived a grade c for ths essay and was able to recognize my success in identifying the codes and conventions and learn form my crticsim to better my essay writting skills.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Photo Storyboard

Media Pics
Having to do the photo storyboard made our planning move forward because we had to make a decision on location and characters fairly quickly. It gave us the chance to think through how the camera would move during the scenes and from what angle we needed to shoot the action. We realised we would have to work on the lighting too because some shots were too dark and it would look the same on the camera.