Thursday, 29 March 2012

Finished film

This is my finished film. It has evolved greatly after having recived a lot of postive and negative feedback and critiscm. The main change i have made to it is the editing at the end of the film to highlight the change in plot of the story more and make it clearer to the audience. My film making skills have developed greatly throughout the process and i have not only developed my technical skills through the use of cameras and software such as final cut express but it has also allowed me to understand the convetions of horror films so when it comes to exams and essay writing i am able to analyse these effectively.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Group work

This picture higlights how we oragnised to meet each other to film and for the photo shoot. Using text and and social networking sites such as Facebook to organise our filming was very effective as it allowed us to communicate with a variety of people to use in our film and allowed us to effectively decide a time to meet and begin filming and also people could add in any input they wanted to. this was effective as not only didi it mean we could hear peoples feedback on locations , props ETC before we even began filming.

Working on blog

This is an image of me working on my blog and editing some posts. i regulary stayed after school to perfect my blog and make it accseible to its readers. The blog was an effective way of producing the work and presenting it as it allowed us to not only to present all my our working on one format but also it was easier to put in videos and audio files instead of having to write down the links. Although the blog was effective it was sometimes complicated it was still very effective and was better than hand written work.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Radio adverts reaserch

Before producing our radio trailer it was crucial to understand the codes and conventions of a radio trailer and how they appealed to the target audience. it appeared that horror radio trailers used commentators with deep voices to create an certain horror effect on the audience. Also ambient sound and soundtrack from the film is used to draw the audience in and to keep them interested. the fact that an advert on the radio has a short time to draw the audience in and also has no visual display means that the best sound clips from the film are used and use the standard conventions so for horror films screams , bangs , howls and other noises are used to higliht what genre the film is and also to attract the audience.

Short film reaserch

When we decided we would be producing a short film it was decided to research various short film companies to gain an insight in to the industry and to see what we could use for inspiration.
BBC film network and virgin shorts were the main websites i looked at for information and inspiration about the short film industry. The short film industry was created as a way for amateur film makers and people with an interest in films to broadcast theory work to other people. The industry is full of low budget films with limit actors and can help highlight potential film directors and actors to the film industry so the short film industry can act as a scouting ground for media companies and film directors.

Audience profile

This is an image of our target audience. the audience of our film is men and women aged form 16-30. As our film is of the horror genre it would be unsuitable for anyone under that age range. We have chosen this age range because it is the range that most films of this genre are aimed at and portrayed to them. also the fact that our film is focused around young people is another reason why it was aimed at that target audience.