Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Facebook feedback

Once myself and my partner had finished the production of our film, we then went onto facebook to create a page to market this finished piece to our target audience. We also asked for feedback on both our poster and our film. This feedback is on our film. WE recieved high praise for what we had achieved and we were very gratefuk for the kind praise we got from it. This indicates how our film was a success. We also showed this film to our friends via computer and whilst the feedback was similar, many admitted that they understood most of it, but were left confused by the ending. This indicates how our audience had a negotiated meaning to our film. This feedback was on our film poster, once again we had recieved high praise for what we had made and we were very grateful. Although one comment highlighted that we had not written about the directors and makers etc. This is conventionally placed at the bottom of the image in the centre, with this in mind we will remember to put it in when we next need to design a film poster. We are very happy with the feedback we recieved through facebook, with a few parts to work on for the future but overall very good audience feedback.

Paris film festival

During the Paris trip to the European independent film festival we watched a variety of short films. Short films are made for a variety of reasons which I will be looking at in-depth. The first reason is the experience as making a short film gives you the experience of creating a team and working with them. Also if you have an interest in filmmaking then making a short film will allow you to pursue a career in filmmaking and highlight your skills to an audience. Short films also allow you to test your skills working with other directors to see if you’ll be suitable for working with people on bigger projects. People always use short films to test an idea out so to see if certain stories would work or if you want to see if an idea will work. Having a high profile actor or director willing to help you is another reason and also wanting to raise your filmmaking profile in the industry. Finally being able to test an idea out is a reason for making short films. We visited the ecu independent film festival in Paris during Easter. We visited the festival to gain an insight into the world of short film and watched over 20 short films which ranged form over and hour to 10 minutes. The film I found the most effective was a documentary about illegal immigrants in Australia who were traveling on boats from Indonesia. The documentary was effective as it allowed the audience to build a bond with the people it interviewed so when it highlighted some of the problems faced the audience felt personally attached. we decided to visit the film festival for experience and fresh ideas.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


This is our finished evalaution. It was also was created on garage band with the help of my teacher. Its aim is to give my auidnce and people looking at my work and insight into the production of our film and some of the key desc ions we made when producing it. the evaluation also allows us to express our thoughts during the production and gives us a chance to reflect on our work and highlight what we could have improved or have done better. The evaluation also allows us to express what we thought went well during the course particularly during the production phase if making our film.
This is our final version of our radio trailer. it was created on garageband through the use of various vocal effects and horror sounds we downloaded from various sound effect websites to ensure that not only that our film was marketed to the audience as best it could so it would be appealing but also so that it would follow the conventions of the horror genre.