Thursday, 24 November 2011

Prop list

Below is a list of props we decided we would use in our films and its also includes a picture of a location type we would like to use in out film. please note these are not the actual props we used and are merely inspirations and ideas.
An axe
The axe is a key prop used in our film as it is relevant with the horro genre and is genrelally used to instill fear.
A picture of an ideal location to shoot our film. This is one of the main conventions of the horror genre as it represents a location which is scary and is unknown so the audience will not know what to expect.

fake blood

The fake blood is used to signify horro and gore which are key convnetions of scary films.
The mask is key to the plot as not only is it a key signifier of the horror genre but it also part of the plot twist and is significant in higligting the story to the audience.

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