Monday, 14 November 2011

the insane shot analysis

The Insane Six Shot Analysis

This six shot analysis was a way of strengthening my understanding of media codes and conventions and what role they play in todays media. The insane was a very effective film in highlighting the conventions of horror films and is very similar to my own film as it features a plot twist at the end and also a variety of conventions such as masks weapons and abandoned locations.the film uses a variety of editing techniques as well to acheive tis plot twist and story so it was a key influence when creating our film.

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  1. Hi Jack, I can't post your feedback because I'm not invited!You have 14/20 at the moment. You're missing the mind map, technical details from the storyboard, your sample scene, sample scene feedback and reflection.
    You're also missing your film, poster and trailer so at the moment that's 0/60. All in by Friday.....