Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Facebook feedback

Once myself and my partner had finished the production of our film, we then went onto facebook to create a page to market this finished piece to our target audience. We also asked for feedback on both our poster and our film. This feedback is on our film. WE recieved high praise for what we had achieved and we were very gratefuk for the kind praise we got from it. This indicates how our film was a success. We also showed this film to our friends via computer and whilst the feedback was similar, many admitted that they understood most of it, but were left confused by the ending. This indicates how our audience had a negotiated meaning to our film. This feedback was on our film poster, once again we had recieved high praise for what we had made and we were very grateful. Although one comment highlighted that we had not written about the directors and makers etc. This is conventionally placed at the bottom of the image in the centre, with this in mind we will remember to put it in when we next need to design a film poster. We are very happy with the feedback we recieved through facebook, with a few parts to work on for the future but overall very good audience feedback.

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