Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Paris film festival

During the Paris trip to the European independent film festival we watched a variety of short films. Short films are made for a variety of reasons which I will be looking at in-depth. The first reason is the experience as making a short film gives you the experience of creating a team and working with them. Also if you have an interest in filmmaking then making a short film will allow you to pursue a career in filmmaking and highlight your skills to an audience. Short films also allow you to test your skills working with other directors to see if you’ll be suitable for working with people on bigger projects. People always use short films to test an idea out so to see if certain stories would work or if you want to see if an idea will work. Having a high profile actor or director willing to help you is another reason and also wanting to raise your filmmaking profile in the industry. Finally being able to test an idea out is a reason for making short films. We visited the ecu independent film festival in Paris during Easter. We visited the festival to gain an insight into the world of short film and watched over 20 short films which ranged form over and hour to 10 minutes. The film I found the most effective was a documentary about illegal immigrants in Australia who were traveling on boats from Indonesia. The documentary was effective as it allowed the audience to build a bond with the people it interviewed so when it highlighted some of the problems faced the audience felt personally attached. we decided to visit the film festival for experience and fresh ideas.

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